Hoo are You Tuesdays!!

 Here we are again!
Another Hoo Are You?

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1. Have you ever had a professional massage before?
Yes!! LOVED it- was so long ago that I need a refresher.... someday:)
2. When drinking bottled water do you have a preference on which brand you drink?
Any kind that doesn't taste salty- the sodium in regular drinking water makes me sick so in bottled water it is SUPER yuck!
3. What is your favorite kind of soup?
Broccoli, Cheese, Potato in breadbowls.. hear the calories  just jumping off the screen?

4. Do you have a preference on which Kleenex brand you use?
Whatever is on my toilet roll in the bathroom 

5. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Crunchy waffles with strawberry syrup and whipped cream! 

What are your answers??

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