Crib or Rabbit Hutch?

So, if you have read my other blog you would know that we are the proud owners of two fairly big rabbits. Fudge and Domino. Nathan adores his "B's" and we are happy that he has some pets of his own. The only problem was... hutch? We got them for free and they came with a carrying cage but it was too tiny for them to stay in forever! They also were making a huge mess in my house (every morning was a cleaning job!) After we moved to Riverton last summer, Nathan's crib became very unsafe. It was old and the screws were getting stripped and so on. I was planning on using it for a bonfire or something when a brilliant idea hit me. Why not make it into a rabbit hutch? The frame is in good shape, it is just the right size and it would be really easy to make the bottom a few feet off the ground!! So that is is exaclty what we did with the help of my mom:).
So first we wired the corners so they would stay sturdy. Also so the drop side wouldn't try to fall (the inital problem making the crib unsafe!)

Then my mom cut some boards for slats and used zip ties to fasten wire around the bottom.

We used the crib bottom as a top that easily swings up and down thanks to the funky metal slats that held it in the bottom!

Ta Da! Rabbit Hutch!

Fudge enjoying the new life outside!

Domino chilling in the shade!

So, you never know what some craxy piece of furniture you have may become some day:)


  1. Oh my gravy I just adore it. That is genius my friend!

  2. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. we just turned my sons crib into a rabbit hutch but it was way more work then you did. Wish I thought about doing it something like this instead


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