CTR Cupcake Topper set

Summer is winding down and it's almost back to school time! My August this year is a bit crazy! New baby,*******, my middle turned 8 and my second middle (still working out how to label these kids with the newest addition!) had a week of kindercamp! Whew!

We are LDS (learn more here if you are interested :) ) and so when a child turns 8 they can be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My middle chose to be and being my numbers boy (his birthday and birth weight were exactly the same!) we chose 8/10/18 for his baptism date.

I knew it was coming and so I prepared ahead of time (well, a bit- avid procrastinator!) and I made some cupcake toppers for refreshments after. With a new baby in the house I knew I could at least pull off cupcakes and punch right?! Even if it all had to be boughten! So, now I am going to share the toppers with you!

CTR is an acronym our church uses often that stands for "Choose the Right". I think it is such a great message for any child to learn! Enjoy!

I threw in a few pictures from the baptism- just for fun :)

April Child

I know, I know it is the 1st of August- but bear with me!!

First off, one of my favorite movies growing up with a Feature Films for Families movie titled "Rigoletto". WONDEFUL movie if you haven't seen it!

One of the songs in the film is "April Child" and it is about the springtime of youth and how anxiously they wait to grow. Beautiful lyrics and sung by Joseph Paur- just divine!

You can listen here:

Just beautiful! So... my oldest is born in April and a while back I wanted to create some artwork for the lyrics to this song. This is what I came up with:

a shadow box that allowed me to create a 3D look!

(Now I know there is the phrase "Swing into Spring" but the lower right corner has the April Child lyrics.) 

So for everyone, I have a FREE SVG file to download along with a PDF for print and framing!

Click this picture for the free PDF and SVG files.

Do you have a child that is dreaming of June?

Monster Party Pack!

Last week I released my first party pack in Lime, Purple and Blue. Today I have a coordinating MONSTER cupcake topper! Silly monsters are just so fun, right?

Click on the picture to head over to the download page! Do you think I should add invites?

Have a great week!