Money Saving Smoothie Tips

Okay so I LOVE shakes and smoothies but after a while the ingredients can sometimes really add up- especially if you are trying to make healthy ones with yogurt, fruit, etc. So here are some tips that I have discovered this week in my attempt to have smoothie ingredients available without breaking the bank!!

Tip #1
Buy fruit when its on sale in ANY form. Frozen, fresh or canned all make great smoothies. If you find fresh fruit on quick sale take it home and freeze it yourself. I have found that I can buy the overripe banana's at Smith's and put them strait in the freezer. When I want a smoothie I just take it out let it thaw for 5-10 mins and the peel comes right off (or you can use a knife if you don't want to wait:) These are also great for banana bread!

Tip #2
Buy yogurt on sale and freeze it. This is good just by itself but just as good in smoothies. For yogurts like Yoplait that have the funnel shape container just line a small toddler snack cup with plastic wrap, pour yogurt into cup, freeze and then remove from container and you can just stack them in your freezer. Just pop one in the blender when you make your next smoothie.

Tip #3
This pregnancy I have been really craving citrus and so I have also started freezing juices in ice cube trays. Orange juice expecially. Again you can fill up a freezer bag with all the ice cubes and store it in your freezer for when you need it. Works great when orange juice goes on sale becuase it is soo expensive!!! Also a great cold snack for younger kids (if you put sticks in them before they completely harden)

Tip #4
You can make any combination you want!! You don't have to have a specialized recipe. Be creative and just use your inner taste to make a smoothie that tastes good to you!!

Let me know if you have found any tips that make smoothies or shakes easier for you to make or your favorite combos :)

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