Family Scripture Reading Program

I thought I would just share the word about the summer scripture reading program Deseret Book is sponsering through Each day a child 2-17 reads (or is read to) for 15 mins. counts towards a total of 30 or 60 days between now and August 31. If a child reads for 30 days Deseret Book is awarding them a $5 gift certficate. 60 days earns a total of $10!

I have been trying to figure out a scripture study program that our family could do that could involve Nathan and really get us going. Thanks to my wonderful friend Shayla Smith, she gave us a schedule that her young family uses for thier scripture study and we have really enjoyed it so far! It uses the scripture story manuals that you can purchase through Distribution and the DVD's that you can buy in a combo set. You study one story a week and that basically means you will complete a book a year:) Here is the schedule that we are going to follow. Now you can mix it up and adjust it to meet your needs however you want.

Both of these programs were just an answer to my prayers! I really needed a new study program and I needed something to help us get into the habit!! I will let you know when level we complete but if we can get this into a habit we should go the whole 60 plus!! Of course we will have a couple days of adjustment when the baby comes:)

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