Turtle {Shortbread} Cookies

There is something to be said for the magical combination of chocolate, caramel and pecans.....just saying the ingredients is enough to make your mouth water! So when I was asked to
bring a 'finger food' dessert to our women's meeting tonight. Here is a video about it or check out the website here


I knew these were going to be my go to. They are fast and easy- but taste like they take a long (don't worry I will keep the secret) so here we go!

Turtle {Shortbread} Cookies

24 shortbread cookies with pecans- I used the Kroger brand of Sandies (if you have nut allergies just get the plain shortbread and they are just as good!)
15 unwrapped Caramels
1 TBLS water
1/2-3/4 cup chocolate chips
1 TBLS shortening

First lay cookies out on cookies sheet. See the little dimples just waiting to be filled? Melt caramels with water for 1 min in microwave. Stir till smooth. Drop about a teaspoon on each cookie. Let them set. By the time I had finished the last cookie the first was already for the chocolate! Melt chocolate chips and shortening in microwave for 30 sec. Stir till smooth. Drop about a teaspoon on each cookie to cover caramel. Let set (if in a hurry you can place in refrigerator) and you are ready to WOW! Easy peasy and only two bowls to clean? These cookies have it all!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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