Harry Potter- St. Mungo's Hospital Floor Guide

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, nerd whatever you call it I am one! I read all the books and saw all the films in theater- yes I am that annoying person who tried to tell you what was missing or different or left out.....sorry we can't help it! I consider myself one of those
that 'grew up' with Harry so this series has a special place in my heart.

We bought our house a year and a month ago and moved in a year ago TODAY!!! I can't believe it- one whole year has passed in our first home. Now that we are properly settled in (aka unpacked and everything mostly has a place) I decided I needed to spruce up my laundry room- yes that is one of my favorite features of my home- a completely separate laundry room that doubles as my food storage pantry! Why is this so important you say? It's quite simple really, I .... HATE.... LAUNDRY!!!! There I said it (c'mon you are thinking it too.) Of all the household chores laundry and cleaning bathrooms (remember I have 3 boys and a husband in 1 bathroom! More on that another time) are ranked the lowest.

In an effort to raise my spirits or coerce me into doing laundry happily (I can dream) I decided that I am going to decorate my laundry room Harry Potter style! Go Gryffindor!!

I searched Pinterest for ideas (of course!) and found an adorable St. Mungo's Floor Guide from Mud in my Blood. 

Pretty cool huh?

She has LOTS of great stuff so be sure to go over and check out her store! The pocket potions are calling my name!!

I knew this floor guide had to be part of my laundry room (after all - 3 boys? I am sure we are going to have some maladies that will fall under some of these categories-lol) so I will give you my second rate one for free!

Word for word from the book!

Yes- it's the perfect start to my new room.

I have it in two different formats.

a PDF (sized for regular sized paper)

or JPEG (sized for 11X14)

Enjoy! Let me know where you are going to put your copy!

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