10 Things I Love!

Sarah over at Scissors and a Whisk tagged me in her 10 Thinks I Love post!

So now it is my turn to tell you 10 things that I LOVE!

1.- My hubby

We have been married for over 4 years and it has been wonderful!!!
2.- My two boys!! (3 and 9 months)

They keep me up all night, up all day, wear me out, but then they make me smile, laugh and want to just eat them up!! 

3.- It really goes without saying but I will anyway. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. 

They provide me with so many tender mercies and blessings day to day. I honestly don't know where I would be without my faith and trust in Them- and I don't want to ever find out!

4.- Cotton Candy

 now you can only find this in the stores around Easter. I recently bought a bunch and I just can't stop eating it!!! It is just SOOO GOOD!!
I don't really LOVE one area of crafting I LOVE it ALL!! I think it is just the idea that I made something out of nothing or upcycled. GREAT FEELING!!

6. -Color
Again I can't just pick one! I think that color adds so much fun to anything! It makes me smile and cheers up my day!

7.- Libraries

Seriously. I worked as a Children's Librarian before I was married and LOVED IT- the BEST job every!!!! I take my son to the library a couple times a week! It is definitely my home away from home:)
8.- Books 
I mean actually, physical books. I love the weight, the texture and the smell (okay am I weirding you out?). I love to see them all lined up on shelves - or on the floor of my boys' room-(because it means he is 'reading' them!) Books can take you anywhere, teach you anything and inspire you to become anything!! 

9.- Ice Cream 

When I got married I told my hubby that there was one thing we always needed to have in our house. EVEN if we were poor and couldn't afford much. This item you ask... was ice cream. It is my MAJOR comfort food. I don't have to eat a lot and most of the time just knowing it is there in my freezer is enough for me (I tend to forget I was going to it later) My favorite flavor is Cherry- one of the best dates with my hubby was finding out he likes Cherry too!! I didn't know many people who had heard of it much less liked it!! Plain Chocolate is also a big hit with me:) mix them together... {heavenly chorus}

10.- Digi Scrapping 

Now I think this deserves it's own category from crafting. I think of crafting as creating things with my hands but digi scrapping is creating permanent memories of my kids. I can't tell you the excitement I felt when I finished our 2010 book. It was just.... perfect! I had completed a goal (always a good thing) and it was a book of my family- our whole year sitting on our shelf to go back and remember. Sadly, due to school I am already WAY behind this year but I hope to catch up soon!!

So there are some things about me- where you surprised by any??

Now I get the fun job of tagging 10 people! 
Aubrie @ A Mama B's 


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