Crackers and Milk

Okay so I admit this really isn't a 'recipe' but it is one of my favorite snacks! 

All you need is two ingredients

Hard right

So you pour a glass of milk (any kind)

and then you dunk in your favorite cracker:)

You could do grahams

(my favorite) 
any variety is great! 
I prefer honey but the cinnamon make a great milk drink when the crackers are gone

OR  you could crush up some of these saltines 

and eat away- I like my crackers still to be crunchy but I know some who like them soggy

or you could duck a few of these babies

now I know these are probably considered more of a cookie than cracker but hey they are still delicious!

Sorry this is posted kinda late- my husband has the flu and so it has been fun keeping the kids away from 'daddy' so they don't get sick- it's so sad:( 

What do you like to dunk in milk??

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