Make your own Nursing Pads

Now that Ammon is here, I am back to nursing and realized (again) just how stupidly expensive nursing pads are! I rememberd how many times I just would have a permenant wet spot on my shirt and how embarrassing it was. So I got online and found some helpful tutorials on how to make your own!! Here is what I did and sooo far no leaks:)


Flannel-to wick moisture away from breast
Fleece-to prevent leakage


Using an old cd (I used a roll of masking tape) or anything circular, cut our three layers of flannel for each pad.

Cut out one circle of fleece.

Layer together and use a zigzag stitch around edge. Cut as close to seam as possible and you are done!!

To use place flannel against breast and fleece towards your shirt.

I have used mine for a few days and haven't had any leaks and they are soft and don't itch:) Hope this works for you! I used an old flannel sheet and some fleece scraps and made 8 sets to last me between washings.  

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