14 Days to be Grateful!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

For the past two years our family has done a 30 day Grateful list! It has been a wonderful family activity and I am excited to see how the answers change year after year. It can be hard coming up with 30 new things every.single.day. without sounding a bit repetitive or similar! To help, I have created a FREE 30 Day Grateful Questions to help out! The tags are cute and the questions make each day more thoughtful and meaningful.

Simply download your copy here and start asking questions! If you don't have all 30 Days to devote, use the tags as a Thanksgiving Dinner Game or scavenger hunt for the kiddos! The options are endless!

I am going to be posting our daily question (there is no right order!) each day on the FB page so be sure you follow and answer along- who knows there might be a giveaway hidden somewhere!

We keep ours in a simple plain notebook- maybe I should spruce it up this year?

How are you going to be using yours?

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