Easter Week {Day 2}

The Day of Authority

This is the day Christ cleansed the temple- what things do we want to 'cleanse' from our lives?

Today's story is one we all can work on- no matter what the age.

This would be a great FHE lesson as you could act out the story!

The Feather

A peasant with a troubled conscience went to a monk for advice. He said he had circulated a vile story about a friend, only to find that the story was not true.

"If you would make peace with your conscience," said the monk, " you must first fill a bag with goose down and go to every door in the village, dropping a feather at each doorstep," 

The peasant did as he was told, then came back to the monk to tell him he'd done the penance for his folly.

"Not yet," replied the monk. "Now you must take a bag and return to each doorstep to gather every feather you previously dropped."

 "But the wind will have blown them all away by now" said the peasant.

"Yes, my son," said the monk. "And so it is with your vile words. Words are like goose downs quickly dropped, but try as hard as you can, you can never get them back."

Author Unknown

Object lesson- Find some down feathers and see how easy they are to blow away-

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