Fancy Cleaning Gloves- pefect for Fall Cleaning!

I have a sister who is very into cleaning- meaning she loves to be organized and clean... the opposite of me. Okay so I like things to be clean but organization?? Not my strongest suit- though I am getting better. To make fall cleaning more fun (and these could be a great Christmas gift!) I made these Fancy Gloves for her- now I need a pair :)

Fancy Cleaning Gloves

A pack of rubber gloves (I got a pack at my local dollar store)
Scrap material
Any embellishments you might want to add!

1. First measure the end opening of the glove. I laid it flat, measured across X 2. Then add one inch for seam allowance. Now I wanted to have my gloves gathered so I took that number and again X 2.

Here are my approx. measurements for her small gloves-
4 ½ inches across x 2 = 9 inches
9 + 1 inch for seam allowance= 10 inches for width of glove
10 inches X 2 = 20 inches total for width of gloves

2. Now we need to see how far up your arm you want the gloves to go. I just guessed for my sister and I think I did 5 or 6 inches- just enough to give it a flare.
– Now this is where you can utilize your scraps- you can sew two or three strips together to make a strip pattern or any other design you want! Make them you so that you have fun when you wear them!

3. Now that you have your measurements- cut 2 strips of fabric. Mine were 20 inches X 6 inches.

4. Sew a hem down one long end. Do this to both pieces. – I used a zigzag stich to make it look a little cutesy.

5. Now you are going to gather the other long side of the material. To do this- make your stitch length long- I set mine as long as my machine goes which is 5. Now sew two rows of strait stitches close together- but NOT crossing. Make sure to leave long tails on the ends.

Sew how the machine is already starting to gather it for you?
To gather you gently pull one of the strings and it should pucker the material- this is the start of a gather. Now you slowly and carefully push the material closer to the center. Do this from both ends until you have gathered the material to fit inside the glove edge- remember seam allowance!

6. Next you sew the short ends together.

7. Pin the gathered edge into the end of the glove- right sides together and sew a seam.

Sorry the pictures are not the greatest- these were taken mid-day! My camera was dying:(

8. Flip out and viola! You are ready to get cleaning!

Now go and enjoy your fall cleaning!!

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