Hoo are You Tuesday!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been a little scarce!! I had finals last week, a trip to Laramie, WY and the start of a little mommy preschool with my 3 year old (more on that I PROMISE!)  I hope you are all enjoying your summer!! 

Here is my Hoo are You hosted by 


1. Are you enjoying the summertime?

 YES! I am finally done with school so I am totally in the HSM " What Time is It?" mode!

2. What activities have you done in the last week?
I completed finals, went to Laramie for my nephews baby blessing, went on a picnic in a national forest, and started a little mommy preschool for my oldest son!
3. What types of food do you tend to eat more of in the summer?
FRUIT!! Now that I can afford it, I can't get enough!!! Watermelon, strawberries, apples, hmmmmm

4. How much time are you spending outside?
As much as I can! We have been outside for a few hours everyday this last week- now that summer has finally come to Wyoming!
5. Is there any fun projects you are working on inside or outside your house?
I am trying to catch up my yearly digi- scrapbook :) 

How is your summer going?

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