Hoo are You Tuesday!

Another great week of 

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1. What is you favorite summertime snack?
I LOVE watermelon, homemade slushies and of course ice cream (although for me that is a year around fav snack:)  

2. Do you tan at all? (tanning bed, outside, spray, etc)
Just outside with my kiddos- major farmer tan going on :)
3. What is your favorite activity to do outside?
I like to swim, go for walks and just play outside- BBQ's are awesome and some real family time!
4. Do you recycle?
No :( I would if our complex had the bins!
5. How hot is it where you live today?
Its about 69- 80 depending on where you are standing :) Yesterday we had some awesome thunderstorms though!! 
SO Hoo are You???

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  1. Thunderstorms freak me out, but we don't get them where I live now. So.... it would be nice to have one every now and then! :)



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