Hoo are You Tuesdays!!

Here is my edition of Hoo are you? from

1. What are your plans for Easter?

We live in the same community as both of our families- so we have always split holidays but Easter is my favorite holiday so we do our own thing! :)
2. Do you die eggs for Easter?

Yes!! Nathan has been looking at our pictures from last year and keeps talking about dying the eggs! I think he is excited for it!
3. What is your favorite Easter candy?

I really like Robin Eggs, anything with caramel and I am dying to try a creme-filled Cadbury egg this year- on my to do list :)
4. Do you celebrate the make believe part of Easter and/or the
religious part?

We do both- the Easter bunny visits our house but each night leading up to Easter we are talking about Christ and the perfect example he set for us all. I also do a personal study of stories I received as a Young Women and you can check it out here on my blog:)
5. What is your favorite part about the Easter holiday?

The hope that Easter brings and the promise of a new beginning each day!! 

So what are your answers?


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