Hoo are Your Tuesdays!!

Here we are at Hoo are You Tuesdays!! 

1. Do you use an alarm clock or some device to wake you up, or do you wake up on your own?
My alarm clock is named Nathan- he wakes us up around 6 EVERY morning!! Sometimes it's named Ammon but he at least goes back to sleep!!

2. If you could go on any game show, which won would you choose?
Does Wipeout count?? I would LOVE to be on that!!

3. Do you prefer the weather to be hot or cold?
BOTH!! I want HOT summers and COLD winters!! :)

4.What color of clothing do you wear the most?
Black- it goes with everything!! :)

5. What is your favorite color?
Deep Purple and Brown -love them both!! 

What are you answers??


  1. hahaha my son used to get up at 5 now he'd sleep in if we let him, he is so my son! I thought about wipeout too but i dont think im coordinated enough to do that! LOL

  2. I love the name Ammon! It's my favorite BOM name besides brother of Jared's name and Mosiah :)

    I also like both hot and cold. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter!

    Love your blog & the weekly talks page!


  3. we had a cold summer this past year, I loved it! in the 60's today, beautiful. I think that we are having a season swap

  4. Haha, Wipeout, what an awesome show. If I was to do that show, I would get tired a lot. They do a lot of physical activities.

    Purple is the BEST color in the world!


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