Hoo are You Tuesday!

Here is my Hoo are You info:) Totally love these and love reading all the others who post them too!!!


1. Did you make any New Year's Revolutions?
I am going to get my house in order and keep it that way! (hopefully!)

2. What are some goals you have for 2011?
I want to have FHE every week and scrapbook a layout each week!

3. What is something that you got for Christmas?
I got a VIOLIN!! and a LAMINATOR!! and a new COAT totally excited!!
4. Did you see any good movies over the holiday season?
Watched Sorceror's Apprentice a few days okay and really really liked it!! Knight and Day was pretty okay too!

5. Do you do your own taxes or have someone do them for you?
My father-in-law does our taxes for us:)

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