Hoo are You?

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Giving birth... never thought I could do it without drugs but I did!!
2. What would you name your next child or if you don't have any your first child?

I am anxiously waiting for the day we have a girl and I can name her Kazzity LeAnne... right now I have used my boys names!!
3. If you could add one feature to your car, what would you choose?

Automatic windows! That way I could lock them in the back and my two year old would stop trying to freeze him and the three month old out!!
4. If you named your house (or car or computer) what would you name it?

My home!! -nothing better than that!!! It is the best thing in the world!
5. What is your dream occupation?

Being a stay at home mom and once my kids are in school, I want to have my own little preschool!! Love kids, crafts and treats!!!

What are your answers?


  1. the stay ant home mom is a common answer...love it!! i had my own preschool for a few years, loved it and hope to do it again someday!

  2. You are hard core! Having kids with no drugs is amazing.. I could never have done it.. I loved my epidurals!

  3. I've never had kids but it scares me to do it without drugs!

    ~The Life of Me~

  4. I would love to have my own preschool how fun! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!


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