Swing in Spring {Silhouette Project}

Swing in to Spring Shadow Box Art

I started playing with shadow boxes back in December. They are pretty pricey and I knew that I wanted to create a project that could be re-used for different seasons, holidays, etc. I found the cutest Jingle All the Way graphic and saw how people were putting it on shadow boxes and adding Jingle Bells inside the box. The idea just screamed cuteness while my head was screaming, "Do you really want to use your shadow box for this seasonally decor?" Such a dilemma- what was I to do?
One night I was struck by the idea fairy.

What does she look like? I really can't say, but the idea changed my way of designing forever! One simple, not that expensive, and completely removable solution! Transparency sheets! Yep, these babies are still around and they are PERFECT for vinyl! No more worrying about your image being mirrored or growing out of a design. Just put it on a transparency, stick it behind the glass and no one will know the difference!
With spring moving in, it was time to 'Let it Go' (Disney is just never far from me) and bring on spring! I knew I wanted a silhouette in my design, but I didn't know exactly what scene I was looking for. I finally found one I liked and it was perfect, the little boy pushing his sister on the swing from a tree with new leaves just had spring all over it! So here we go!

Items needed:
A shadow box - mine is an 8x8
Transparency sheets (any office shop should have them or order online)
Swing into Spring design
Vinyl- Black, Purple, Green, Blue
Adhesive Cardstock - Black
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Transfer Tape

Masking Tape
Weeding Hook

First things first, cut two transparency sheets to fit your shadow box. Mine was 8x8 so I cut them 8x8. Set aside.
Open up the design in Silhouette Studio and ungroup. Make sure you leave the X's. These are on both images and serve as 'registration marks' so that you can line them up perfectly with ease.  Don't worry - we will remove them at the end.  You will then be able to separate the boy and the girl images to cut separately. Move the words off the mat to cut later.
Cut the boy out of the adhesive cardstock. Gently press masking tape to connect the tree, grass, and the guide X's. Remember the X's are our registration marks and will help you later when you add the girl.
Carefully and slowly reverse weed the back off.  This paper is thick which is a huge help. Just take your time. Gently lay it out on a hard surface. Take one of the pre-cut transparencies and lay carefully on top of the cardstock - the tree should line up along the left edge and touch the top and bottom.
Burnish gently to get cardstock to adhere and turn over. Slowly and carefully remove masking tape. If it tears the cardstock, use a black marker to color in the tear. From a distance you won't even notice.  Now how do I know that? :)

spring boy silhouette

Next cut the girl from vinyl. Weed. Apply transfer tape and remove backing. Take the second transparency and place on top of transparency with boy. Line up the edges. Carefully line up the X registration marks and adhere the girl to the second transparency. Carefully remove the X's from both transparencies.


Next cut the words out. I used 3 different colors, but you can change it up however you want. There are guide X's already in the file if you wish to use different colors. These will help you line up your text easily and perfect!  Using transfer tape, apply to the transparency of the girl. Remove the X's. Now it's time to put it all together!

spring wording

Open the back of the shadow box. Inside there is a 'mini frame'. Gently take that out. Lay transparency of girl and words directly on the glass. Place mini frame back in. Lay transparency of boy and white cardstock gently on top of mini frame. Attach back. Turn it over and you have a multidimensional piece of art!

spring art

I just love the way it looks like the boy is really pushing his sister on the swing!
Swing into Spring!
PS. There is another version available too. My original text was going to be from the Feature Films for Family film Rigoletto. A song sung by Mr. Ribaldi entitled "April Child'. This version has more of an old-fashioned, past feel to it, but I love it just as much - in fact I don't know which I like better! You can find the file to this piece here. The creation is the same as above.

swing into spring alternate

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