Do you believe in fairies?? {Silhouette project}

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Fairy Lantern's
Yes, I do! Fairy lore is such a fascinating subject with many different versions and variations. I love the ideology behind Disney's fairies based on James Barrie's book- the idea that a fairy is created from the first laugh of a child is just magical!
I knew I wanted to put some fairies in my home, but I am the mother of 3 BOYS and I am sure they would be less than thrilled if I blatantly displayed fairies around our home. I also thought about how the magic is in the idea that these tiny creatures are around us all the time we just don't see them.
I am in love with lantern's this year, but boy are they pricey! I did a quick search at the Silhouette store and found all I needed to successfully 'hide' some fairies in my home.
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Cardstock (you can use any color you want!)
A glue pen or adhesive
Spatula Tool
Silhouette Files:
Lantern (25952)
Fairy (55783)
The lantern is pretty and we are going to add a little fairy silhouette!
First you open the file in Studio and zoom in on one of the blank sides.
zoom in
Open up the fairy file and size her to fit inside the box. Now you want to make sure that she overlaps a tiny bit on the top and bottom.
Then you are going to click the fairy and the box. Then right click and weld.
See how the lines just flow right into the frame? That is exactly what you want! Now we line up all the pieces to the lantern on our mat and cut out.
Use the spatula tool to gently remove from mat and carefully fold the dotted lines and start to put the lantern together using a glue pen or other favorite adhesive.
fold pices
Then you are finished!
fairy lantern
Isn't the fairy just so cute! These are perfect for tea lights - I recommend battery operated-after all we did make this out of a paper. I am going to display mine in my window and maybe just make one in every color!
What color are you going to make yours?

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