Our Country 'Tis of Thee {Memory Board-Mixed Media}

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Our Country Tis of Thee {Collage Board}

I grew up in a small town in California called Ridgecrest. Every summer my grandma would direct a children's 4th of July program called "Our Country Tis of Thee". Over 100 kids would participate and it was full of music, dancing, and fun! There were elaborate costumes, props, and a band to help celebrate our wonderful country and tell the story of our country's birth to present! Some of my favorite memories come from that program.
This year I wanted to create something new for my patriotic display, something that was symbolic and handmade. My mind went right to my Cameo as I thought about how I could use it to help me create this 'emotion' I had. I hope this project with be a jumping point for you in making a new patriotic item to display for the 4th or to create your own collage of a memory!
Silhouette Cutting Machine
White Vinyl
Silhouette Printable Canvas
'Our Country Tis of Thee' file (includes image and colonial stars)
3D Star Style 4 from the Silhouette Store
13 5-gallon Paint Sticks (Sherwin Williams will give them to you for free!)
Red, White and Blue Acrylic Paint
I started by making a flag out of paint sticks (compliments of Sherwin Williams). I painted them, glued them together with hot glue and added a Colonial Star with my Silhouette. Here is a nice tip- I ran out of transfer tape when making this project so I grabbed some cheap masking tape and it worked perfectly!

Paint Sticks Flag

Next I decided what items I wanted to include on my flag. I knew I wanted to use the image/logo from 'Our Country Tis of Thee' but I wanted to make it 'pop'! I decided this would be a good time for me to try out the printable canvas.
I set it up in Studio to be a print and cut. However, my printer had a hard time accepting the thicker medium so I had to hand push it through and it barely printed my image on the canvas at all!

screen shot

So, I resorted to hand cutting my image out. I hope you have better luck!

I wanted to include the lyrics from two of my favorite songs. I first thought I would just print out the sheet music and use that, but then I had an idea! I typed up the lyrics using an old style font. Printed the pages out and then aged them with coffee and tore the edges. Now the songs were poems written from the past!
aged paper poems
I then needed something more to make the flag come alive. I went searching in the Silhouette store and came across this fabulous 3-D star! I cut it out and followed the fabulous tutorial by the designer to assemble!
star 1
After adding the star, I got out some washi tape to spuce up the papers.  Made a simple paper medallion and realized it still needed something else.
embellishment collage

I remembered the costumes always had sequins on them. So shiny and fun! I located some and glued them on to my board


It was just the perfect finishing touch!!

finished collage

Now I can't wait to display this! Not just for the 4th- it might be added to my year round decor! Memories are sometimes just as real as the experience. Being able to create this is always going to keep those memories alive in my home. What memory are you going to collage?

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