If you Give a Mom a Muffin....{Silhouette Tutorial}

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....her kids will be right there asking for it! Right? I know you know what I am talking about- you finally get that piece of cake, the last cookie in the jar, the warm toast out of the toaster, and suddenly all your kids appear with their hungry, pitiful faces and voices coming to take that moment away.

Make your Own StampNow I have the perfect gift that is going to help everyone out! Mom gets her well deserved treat and those kids can have some too- if she decides to make and share.
Aren't these the cutest little gift boxes? You can get yours here from the Silhouette Store. They are the perfect size for a muffin or cake mix with a sweet spot for an extra tool like a whisk or spatula.
handy dandy box

Then I found this adorable poem that really adds to the gift- "If you Give a Mom a Muffin". Just perfect. I did a simple print and cut on the embellishment page.
All done except my box was looking a bit plain. I decided that now was the time to try out my Silhouette stamp starter kit. Throughout high school I perfected my doodle of flowers, hearts and smiley faces. (C'mon you know you perfected your doodles, too!) I thought it would be fun to try and make a stamp from my doodles- my own personal stamp! Now you can make one as well.
Stamp Stater Kit
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Paper and Permanent Marker
I first drew my doodles on a plain piece of paper with a permanent marker. Then scanned the page into my computer at a high resolution and saved as a JPEG.

Brought the file into Studio and did a trace.

I cleaned it up a bit and lined it up to cut on it's little special mat.

cleaned up

Cut it out. Now it doesn't actually cut all the way through but don't worry. Just fold it and those stamps pop right out!

clear stamp

The starter kit comes with a nice clear stamp to use and re-use (one of the best things about clear stamps!). Place the stamp on it. Get out an ink pad and go to town!


Now doesn't that just add something? It makes it seem so personal, too!

Let me know what stamp you decide to make!

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