Leprechaun Treasure Hunt {Silhouette Project}

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Hi All! This is Delina from Dew This and I am here to bring you a fun family treasure hunt in the spirit of Saint Patrick! Those leprechauns are a tricky bunch, but this will get you the gold in the end! A treasure hunt fit for the wee ones or those older folk who talk the blarney of ages past. So, get your traps ready and make sure you get this treasure hunt put together for your family this year!
Supplies List:
Files #37777 and #37779
Print and Cut File
Black and Yellow Cardstock
Silhouette SD, Cameo or Portrait (you might have to make some modifications for SD and Portrait)
Zig Two Way Glue Pen, Tape Runner or other adhesive
Gold Glitter (optional)
To start, I used file #37777 from the Sil store to create a fun little message card. I opened up the file and removed the extra pictures of the lacing cards (and later the shamrock).

I wanted to create a pocket with the caldron and have the ‘gold coins’ stick out the top with the instructions inside.
First I lined up the gold coins and made them stick out the top how I liked.

 I then created a box for the ‘instructions’ and sized it inside the caldron (remember this is going to be INSIDE the pocket.)

I then removed the caldron out of the way and welded the coins and the box to make them one shape.

Done with the insert card!
Now to make the pocket- I took the cauldron and did a mirror duplicate.

I then welded the two and drew a line in the middle and changed it to dash. Now what I didn’t know for a long time was how to change line styles! I would select a style and nothing would happen! I learned that you have to draw your line FIRST, have it selected and THEN you can change the style. It is great for projects like this!

Now you have a pocket ready to be folded and glued or taped together for your coin card!
Now you need to duplicate the caldron pocket for cutting.

And do the same on a new page with the coin card- it actually fits on a letter paper!

Then it’s time to cut out all the pieces!
pic10 pic11

I love how easy it is using my cameo!!! So fast and uniform! I would never be able to do things like this if I didn’t have my little toy.
I also created a file for YOU! It is a print and cut instruction file for your treasure hunt. I made it very generic, so it should be usable for any home. I will tell you it is geared toward the pre-K group.

Print and cut!

Now I will admit that I have had trouble with print and cut in the past- my key is having that pink light shining over my machine. The extra light seems to help the machine read the registration marks and cut nice and clean!
Now time to assemble.
First, fold and tape or glue your caldron pockets together. If you glue, make sure to just get the edges so your card will fit! I used my favorite Zig Two Way glue pen- it dries pretty fast and is perfect for those little edges.

Then glue or tape your instructions on your coin card

Insert card into pocket- isn’t it cute!? Love how that little gold peeks out there!

I decided at the last minute that some gold glitter would really make the coins pop! It really brings out the magic don’t you think?
Now it is time to hide them until St. Patrick’s day!
I also created these little cauldron baskets for the leprechaun gold!  These were really simple.
Just open and duplicate so two fits to a page and cut

Glue or tape together!

Can’t wait to fill these will goodies! I am excited to do this with my boys this year! I be wishin’ ya the best St. Patrick’s Day and lots of leprechaun mischief to brighten your day!

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