Free String Dreamcatchers

       This style of dreamcatcher is what I like to call free string. Because unlike most dreamcatchers, that are evenly spaced, this one you can take it which ever way you want to go.
       So first you want to start out with a metal hoop of some kind or just and old metal bangle. Now if you're making a necklace like I did here you will want to add the chain to the hoop before you start wrapping the leather around, I like to space the chain a little. then wrap the leather and tie off as close to the hoop as possible, might want to add some super glue to make sure it stays. 
       Now add some string, I doubled up my string for thicker look, add some beads to it and space them out as you go along. Loop your string around any-which-way you want tie off and super glue the end and you have a free string dreamcatcher necklace

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