Church Stowaways

Yesterday, we got the kids all dressed up and went to church (as we do every week). This was a bit of  a different week because I have been sick for the last six weeks and was finally better! So, all happy and ready to go we headed off. The boys were great- Ammon feel asleep during Sacrament so that was easy. Primary was so tiny- I think 16 to 18 kids TOTAL junior and senior primary were present. It was just a good Sunday.

As we left, to go home- my hubby says to me " I think I saw Cupcake over there- those girls have her now" I said, "WHAT?" I mean seriously how does a cat get to church- without entering the vehicle!! I went over to the group of girls and sure enough that was our cat! I asked them if they wanted her and they said they had too many at home so I picked up Cupcake. As I turned to leave they said that they saw ANOTHER cat under our car. I thought to myself- ANOTHER?? How many cats did we bring to church??

We did a little searching but it was obvious that the 'other' cat wasn't hanging around nearby so we left. That night I kept thinking about the 'other' cat and started feeling a little guilty if we really did leave a stranded kitty (although they stowaways to begin with). We drove over to the church about 8:30 pm and lo and behold there was Feisty- Cupcakes twin sitting on the steps of the church. My hubby helped me chase her down and return her home as well. I went to bed just chuckling at the thought of stowaway kitties!

Here is Cupcake and Feisty- they came to our home about 2 weeks ago. We had a mice problem last year and I did not want a repeat! We aren't allowed to have pets in our apartment but I figured a couple of strays could hang around to keep the mice down- everyone would be happy! My mom has a lot of cats because she lives out of town. She took a few that were not very friendly and were great outside, fend for themselves cats. Hence we now have Cupcake and her twin Feisty, Miriam, and Jinx who is rarely seen. 

My boys love having their 'pets' and I enjoy the thought of a mice-less home this fall! So far there have been no problems so I hope we can keep them. I mean with an apartment complex as big as ours- right next to a huge empty field??? Who wouldn't want a few mice cats around?

I hope you all are having a great Labor Day! 

We went for a walk this morning, came home and cleaned the house!! Now the fun of doing NOTHING or ANYTHING can begin! 

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