And the story continues....

A friend of mine saw my blog post about our Stowaway Kittens and relayed this accompanying story to me- it sure made me laugh!

"So I read your blog post on your kittens and I had to laugh! When we got to church we were walking up the ramp by the back door and a lady from sunset park ward asked if we saw the kittens. I told her no and she said that while she was teaching primary her class saw two kittens who looked like twins. She than proceeded to say how disgusted she was that people would come to the church, of all places, to just leave kittens to die. I'm kinda surprised that she didn't put them in her car and take them home herself. I'm glad you found them and was glad to have a laugh after hearing that lady rant and be angry then hear your story if how guilty you felt when you only found one.
Just thought I would share."

Oh Em, thanks so much for sharing!! This is one story that will be around for a long time in our family!!

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  1. That is funny. And it's a little lesson about judging people without knowing the full story! LOL


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