Surprise #2!

Okay so about 5 months ago I was hit with inspiration- one of those 'lightbulb' moments... they happen few and far between so I make a BIG deal out of them!!

This one was a solution to my 'what do I want to do for my Christmas Advent Calender?" 

I was searching and searching, found LOTS and LOTS of cute ideas but nothing I really liked in the 'affordable' range- I am cheap. 

Then it hit me- why not create a advent calender you could use ALL YEAR LONG??

How about making it MAGNETIC?

And I found the right stuff and it just came together!!! 

Now I know you might just be dying to see how it turned out 

(and let me be honest I am DYING to show you! )

What do ya thing???


Here comes the SURPRISE part!! I am selling them to you guys!! 

I opened my own Etsy store!!!

The Dew This store is open and ready for your business!!

I am selling these little calenders in complete sets - here  and here- or buy as you go and just get a starter set here... totally up to you!!

Each set is created for a 2 week countdown, so 14 containers and 14 days of countdown fun!! 

Be sure to check out my store for other personalized gifts for you, your kids, friends, or loved ones:)
More is on the way:)

Now to get things started ..

(and because it WAS my birthday on Sunday) 

I am giving you all  20% off your purchases!! 
Good through Sunday May 22

Use coupon code DEW20 at checkout!!

Hope you all have a great week!!! 

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