Surprise #1

Look what I have for my new best friend!!!


Happy Mother's Day/ Birthday to me!!! 

I am soo excited and happy with my new camera!! I have wanted one for a LONG time but they are a little pricey and so I have just waited and waited.... 

one night I decided to check out just to see what they have. They had this camera on close-out and they were completely sold out online. 

So I called the nearest Wal-Mart that had one in stock (2 hours away) at 9 pm and asked if they still had it. 

The young guy who answered the phone said YES!! 

I woke up early, drove the 2 hours and it was GONE!


I was so depressed coming home- too sad to cry - sort of in a state of shock

My loving hubby looked up the same camera on Ebay- found a seller who was parting with their brand-new in the box version for the SAME price!!! 

He loving bought it for me and now you all know why I am so happily married 

-okay there are lots of reasons :)

anyway.. be on the lookout for LOTS of pictures to go along with my projects and recipes!! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what SURPRISE #2 is - it includes you!!

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