Better Late than Never!

I am soo sorry I have been so in and out these last few months!!! 

Going to school full-time while trying to raise two little boys really kicked my butt this semester!!

So today, I have the better-late-than-never Mother's Day tiles.

You can use these for the month of May -even if Mother's Day has past- it's nice to remember all the things our mother's have done for us!

Now another reason I have been busy is I am preparing a surprise that should be up and ready by tomorrow-Thursday at the lastest!! 

Just to let you know I am SUPER EXCITED about this so be sure to check in!!!

I hope you enjoy them!!

So now.. what sort of tiles should I do for June?? What are some of your favorite summer activities??


  1. June is a fun picnic month, brides and weddings, school is out for the summer and it's also Flag Day in June,. Father's Day....pool activities, wow so much to pick from!! Thanks love the mom's stuff, it's good anytime-Ü


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