One nice thing about living in Logan, UT was the availability of LDS literature- especially in the fiction department. I found a FABULOUS author , Heather Brown Moore, or HB Moore, there and since then she has released 3 books and I have loved them all!! 

My first intro to her books were through the

Out of Jerusalem series based on Nephi and his families journey to the promised land- here in America. 

The next volume Abinidi (my favorite) was insightful, heart-wrenching and just an all-around wonderful book! 

Next came Alma and Alma the Younger- great additions to the series!! 

Last year as I was pregnant, and trying to decide a boys name (should our little one be a boy) I kept checking in HB Moore's blog where she was chronicling her writing progress on Ammon. I fell IN LOVE with the name and when August came and our little one arrived - a boy- I just had to use the name. 

SO let me tell you how excited I was when I found out about the opportunity to be a preview-reader of Ammon!! 

I was ESTATIC!!!

I was soo excited to receive the book in the mail and couldn't wait to dive in! 

I finished the book today and it was wonderful!! I love the imagery and the peaceful feelings I had reading this book. We have been going through some decision making moments recently and I really need a book to take me out of my world and into another while bring the spirit. I loved the Ammon that is portrayed in this book, he comes in peace but is not a wimp, he is mighty but not proud- the perfect image of a missionary. I am excited to have this on my shelf and look forward to reading and re-reading this book over and over. 

If you are looking for a glimpse into this book you can read the 1st two chapters here- but be warned once you read the 1st two you won't be able to rest until you know the rest of the story :)

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  1. I think I'll have to check into these books. Thank you


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