Say it On the Wall Review

So a few months ago, I signed up to be an affiliate for

They have all sorts of awesome vinylness-

 like Dice

Holiday blocks- isn't this precious?

definitions and lots more!!

Well, with my free code I bought some vinyls for dice!!

We have been trying to work on reading our scriptures and having regular Family Home Evenings

so.. I created vinyls that will be rewards when we finish 2 months of consistent reading or for any other reward our kids might earn. The activities are family activities and I am excited to use it!!

The other dice I made for those 'bored' days- when the kids can't think of anything to do. Now, I don't have that problem yet but I know it will come!!

So sorry for the poor pictures- my camera is dying- rapidly :( 

(Anyone that wants to get me an early birthday present- 

I would love a DSLR:) 

Doesn't have to be new just very functional and working...)

Okay anyway back on topic.. Say it On the Wall is giving all Dew This readers 
30% of any dice order!!

Use code DEW30 at checkout and say some money on some cute dice vinyls!!

I am waiting for our family to grow so I can get these FHE dice 

or the chore dice... now that's the way to go!!

So head on over to 

and take a look!!!

Then come back and tell me what you like!!

oh, and 

Today only check out Groupon for the opportunity to purchase a $50 dollar gift code for Say it On the Way for $20!!

Save over 50%!!

It's a great deal!!

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