Easter Countdown #1

As Easter is approaching- I am getting more and more excited!
I LOVE Easter!! It is my favorite holiday!

The message of hope and new beginnings brings such feelings of peace and light!

Now I am going to show you guys a wonderful countdown that I found from
If you haven't visited her site before- you are missing out!

 It is great for any children you have and for you even if you don't have children!!
I hope to have a countdown together that I have done since I was in Young Womens- I need to retype all the stories and such to get them online so we will see if it gets done this year! That is my hope though:)

In the meantime here is a great one that we might do too!!


Each egg is filled with one item that helps tell the story of Christ's sacrifice.
Open one egg per day and read the scriptures that go with the symbol.

Click on each photo or link below to access the scriptures for each day.

Day 1 - The Sacrament a Symbol of His Sacrifice

Day 2 - Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

Day 3 - He drank the bitter cup

Day 4 - Arrested by a Soldier

Day 5 - Denied by His friends

Day 6 - A crown of thorns

Day 7 - They Cast Lots

Day 8 - Upon the Cross

Day 9 - Three Hours of Darkness

Day 10 - Christ's burial

Day 11 - The stone was rolled away

Day 12 - The Empty Tomb "He is Risen!"
The most wonderful message ever- 

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  1. I love it! So true, its sad that they make it all about the easter bunny and eggs and not about Jesus. This is a great to incorporate the real meaning of Easter!


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