Spring Skirt

Okay so it seems like forever since I last posted anything craftys- 

or maybe it's just me going through withdrawals... 

anyway prepare for some projects to be coming along!!

My hubby was sick for 2 1/2 weeks and my two boys were sick back and forth too! So.. between school and taking care of them by craft time was zero! I am now on Spring Break and taking full advantage of my free time- especially now that my hubby is better:)

The first craft that I have completed (there are at least 4 in the works) is this cute skirt I found a couple of months ago! From Keeping it Simple-

it took me much longer than it should have 
(another sign of too much craft time lost!)

but I think it turned out all right!

I LOVE this material but only had about a yard each- perfect for this skirt!

Oh and did I mention it's reversible? 

My only hints are:
 I would recommend using a sturdy fabric as mine was really thin and doesn't hold it's shape all that well.

I guess it will be PERFECT for the warmer weather!!
The other thing I changed was the way it fits. My waist is smaller than my hips. Enough so that making the hole big enough to go over the hips, when tied, the skirt still feels like it is going to fall off!!!

To fix that I made cute little button holes (okay mine were not all the cute) and sewed little buttons UNDERNEATH the top ribbon so they are hidden from sight!
 Don't know why my camera wouldn't focus right- I really need a new one

It was just the extra thing my skirt needed to feel snug and secure

(you know skirts falling off can be quite an embarrassment to some individuals)

So head on over to Keeping It Simple and try your hand at this awesome skirt!! 

Oh and here is a sneak peek of a project that I have been working on and will be added to my store in the next few weeks!!!!
(Don't worry there are some freebies that will be posted too!)

Any guesses???

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  1. Super cute! I may have to make something like this!! I have the same problem, with my hips being WAY bigger than my waist -- I guess I have kids to thank for that -- so I'll definitely have to make sure I measure carefully!

    It can be my first piece of clothing that I've made! Yay!


  2. I featured this! Come grab a button here! I'd love for you to join us again this week. Congrats on your feature!


  3. I love how yours turned out!! Such fun colors! Great job!


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