So you don't have a Silhouette...

So (if you are like me) and don't have a Silhouette... ever feel left out from some cute crafts because you don't have one? 

I have.

I think how cool it would be to win one- or get a used one from someone who is trying to overcome the addiction-

if that is you please leave me your contact information below and I would LOVE to help you combat the problem!

So as I have been doing a new year deep clean- has been wonderful to now know where EVERYTHING is!!
Except this one item that is driving me nuts!!! anyone else ever completly loose something in their own house??? Please tell me I am not the only one!!

So I was feeling kinda bummed about using some bins I had bought but no Silhouette machine to label them with- or vinyl letters to buy (Riverton, Wyoming is very limited in craft supplies!)

So I thought 

and thought

and wished to win a Silhouette

but didn't

and then I had it!!

Ever seen those rolls of cupboard paper? The colored, design-y contact paper?

Would that make labels?? 
I just had to find out.

Sorry about the blurry pic my cell phone is definitely dying:(
So I went to my local Wal-mart and looked at the choices- so many huh??

I LOVE the red check but didn't think it would be that versatile and might make the lettering a little hard to read so I chose the neutral tan.

I cut out a 5 X 7 piece

In my Photoshop...
have I mentioned I LOVE my Photoshop? 

I typed up the phrases I wanted and then reversed the image and printed on the BACK of the contact/laminate 

This first batch was a little small so I enlarged it and tried it agai.

I cut them out 
(-make sure you choose a big bold like font with easy edges!)

I used Pharmacy- not completely simple but a little fun for me

I peeled of the back - you should have seen my floor after all the letters were peeled off!

and placed them on my tub and ....

My own, version of vinyl labels!! 

And of course my favorite tub was the first completed!

So the next time you get Silhouette envy - it happens- just head to your local store or thrift shop and look for some fun contact/laminate paper and go to town! 

This was definitly one of those 'feel good' crafts because I put the work in and it came out just like I had hoped!

Now.... someday I will win one of those Silhouettes but its not going to hold me back:)


  1. Genius! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Great idea, I love it when you can do something without having to spend large amounts of money on craft tools!

  3. I have to say that I am obsessed with the idea of getting a silhouette and not sure if its going to go away until I buy one!!! I think this idea is brilliant though. Thanks so much for sharing. x

  4. AWESOME - I'm also hoping and hoping for a Silhouette and making do in all sorts of different ways. Love this!

  5. Such a genius idea!! Thank you so much for sharing :D


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