March Subway Art!!

Now that Valentine's is over here is the new Lucky Subway Art! 

Hopefully it will bring lots of "leprechauns" with "pots of gold" to your house to celebrate "St. Patrick's Day"!

Don't forget to get a 'kiss' or two from the 'Irish'!

I wish you the best of 'luck'!! 

(And when they leave send 'em my way huh??)

Here is another variation!! 

Just click on the image you want, let it pull up in a new window, right click, save to your computer and then print it off!! 


Any St. Patrick's Day traditions you do???


  1. This morning I was trying to decide whether or not to decorate for St Paddy's or just put up Easter. I don't have any green decor but Easter still seams a while away. You have helped me make up my mind! Thanks for this. I already panted- uh PRINTED- it and hope to do it this week! Thanks so much!

  2. BTW: I just featured this one my blog. Stop by and get my new button. (so excited to be able to say that hehehe)

  3. Thanks so much! I will be putting this out first thing in March!


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