Talk of the Week- Jan. 3

So to start the year I don't actually have a talk but I have an AWESOME quote from Elder L. Tom Perry!

"Each of us mus earn our own salvation and exaltation. We have htis privilege through the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. No one else can do it fro us. We must each seek for our own specific guidance. Seek for valiant testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel. Seek for the good things in life. Let us not be so busy that the Spirit cannot enter into our minds and our hearts, and give us promptings and guidance, and the help we so earnestly want and need. Let us not be so busy seeking after the things of the world that we forget to seek after the things of the world that we forget to seek after the things that really count in eternal life. Let us listen to the still, small voice as we seek our Heavenly Father in our daily activities. Let us strive to live so honestly, so righteously, so devotedly and in tune with the Spirit that our earnest prayers will be heard."

This was such a great reminder at the beginning of the year of the things that matter in life and where our focus should be. One of my new year resoltions is to be more organized and more focused and not so 'busy' with the 'unimportant' things.

What are some of your new year resolutions??

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