Talk of the Week

This weeks talk is by Elder Quentin L. Cook entiltled "Let There Be Light!"

Here are some opening quotes that I really liked! 

"W need to greatly increase religious observance in the home. Weekly family home evening and daily family prayer and scripture study are essential... If we make of our homes holy places that shelter us from evil, we will be protected from the adverse consequences that the scriptures have foretold."

"I believe that light and truth will be preserved in our time."

 Don't they just give you a sense of hope? 

He continues with this:
Religious faith benefits society through two things: 

1: Honest conduct motivated by accountability to God 

2: Treating all of Gods children as brothers and sisters. 

If we know that we are taught from a young age that we are accountable before God than we strive to be more honest.This creates a world where individuals strive for the better and don't cheat their way through life. How many times do we here of lawsuits against those that have 'stolen' from the 'surplus' of a large corporation? Or those that cheat others to get ahead? What would the world be like if tried our hardest to be as honest as we could in all our dealings with others? What a world that would be to live in! 

Clayton Christensen, a Harvard professor, had this to say ," societies where the citizens are taught from a young age to feel accountable to God for honesty and integrity, they will abide by rules and practices that, while unenforceable, promote democratic ideals. In societies where this is not true, there cannot be enough policemen to enforce honest behavior."

If we try to think of those around us as our brothers and sisters, doesn't that make us want to help those we come in contact with? If we truly try to uphold this principle, then how can we hold grudges or form hatred towards others? 
Elder Cook said this, "We should both participate ourselves and support people of character and integrity to help reestablish moral values that will bless the entire community." 

 I hope that we can all be a force for good in the world- in our workplaces, in our homes, to our neighbors and to all those we come in contact with. 
Any thoughts that you had?? 

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  1. I loved this talk, and I have listened to it many times since it was given! Hey, you WON he giveaway on my blog!

  2. What an inspiring talk, thanks for sharing it here, I enjoyed it!


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