Subway Art Holder

So sometimes I like to challenge myself in creating something with items I already have on hand instead of trying to find what I want for the price I want... doesn't happen much these days sadly. :( Anyway, how great it is to have the 'lightbulb' come on and just figure out how to make something work!!

I wanted to start making some subway art for each month of the year (check back to get each months!) and I wanted to have a way to display it without it taking up time or money each month (ie. tiles, blocks)- then it hit me- plastic page protectors! After, I had that flash of an idea I took off and here is my result. I am sure over the next year I might change it up, add embellishment or start a brand new one! It's that simple and easy with things just hanging around your house!! And this could work with any 8x8 picture you wanted to hang!

Materials Needed

1 page protector (you can get like 20 in a pack from the dollar tree)
1 8x8 piece of cardboard (this is opt. - if you printed your pic on cardstock or from a printer it is probably sturdy enough on its own- I just wanted to the extra strength)
Some string/ yarn/ ribbon- whatever you want to use to hang it
Picture to put in finished frame

Scissors, hot glue gun, and stapler

First cut the page protector to 8x8 (I sort of laid a sheet of paper over the top and cut it out)

Insert the cardboard into sleeve. (I used part of a Pop-Tarts box!)

Fold over the edge with the holes or trim it off ( I thought I might use the holes but didn't) OR use the holes as part of the decor from top or bottom or side!! Really the sky is the limit!

Hot glue or staple string/ribbon/yarn to edgese to hang (I put one in front and one in back so it wouldn't bow)

Insert picture and hang for all to see!!

Now that wasn't too hard right? You can do whatever you want with the protector, embellish it, add whatever- the possiblities are endless!!! oh I see some fun projects in my future using this basic frame!

Comment and let me know what you do to yours!

Oh and come back tomorrow to get the 2011 subway art I used as my print!

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. That is really ingenious, great job!


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