Household Tip- Bathrooms

Okay if any of you are like me I HATE (did I mention hate?) cleaning the bathrooms! It just seems to take forever and its my least favorite household chore. So one thing I do to make things easier is this.

Do you get that awful cramp in your back, legs, arms, neck and shoulders when you are trying to scrub the bathtub? I did until I realized this:


Yep! I use the toilet brush (before I clean the toilets) and it is wonderful! A little AJAX and that brush gets busy! The bristles are great for getting all the gunk off and voila! A nice shiny clean tub! So this part is not so bad... but I still don't like doing bathrooms!

What are your bathroom cleaning tips? I could use all the advice I can get!!

Also, whats your hated household chore?

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