Fun Christmas Stars

I made these with my girls for Activity Days last week and they turned out soo cute!! I got the idea from here and I tweaked for us!

First- trace, use a word program, a cute cutter or anything you want to make 6 stars all the same size and shape. The tutorial used scrapbook paper- we just used white printer paper.

Color your paper (if you use white like we did! 

Cut out the cute stars- then cut a slit between two points right to the middle of the star. Do this to all 6.

Glue the points together forming a 4 point little funny star.

Repeat with all 6.

Next glue the two yellow stars together using ONE point. 

Next, add a blue star by glueing TWO points to the yellow star bundle.

Now this is the important step. Glue another star by two points to the opposite side of the yellow star bundle.

Add the next star by glueing THREE points.
(Don't know where my pics of these steps went too.. please ask if this is confusing!)

You are left with the last star to glue in place by all FOUR points.

Poke a hole in the top, string a ribbon, and viola! a beautiful star for your tree!

Tip: if using white paper use glue sticks or your get curly points on your stars :)

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