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So sorry I missed last week! We had had the flu and... I am sure you know how it goes!

This weeks talk is "Be an Example of the Believers" by Mary N. Cook

What an inspiring talk and motivation to be a good example!! A few of the quotes stuck out to me.

"Be an example of the believers in faith. Actively strengthen your own faith and testimony of Jesus Christ, thus preparing to testify by word and example to you children."

I liked this reminder to 'actively stregthen' my faith and testimony. 

"your actions are just as tangibly linked to their faith" (our children's)

WOW! That really woke me up - what a responsibility we have to make sure our actions are in accordance with the commandments and following the example of Jesus Christ!

I want to end my comments with this quote:

" The prophet Brigham Young said: "we should never permit ourselves to do anything that we are not willing to see our children do. We should set them an example that we wish them to imitate." Each of us can start today by being that good example."

I am going to start today to try and be a better example for my family, especially my young boys, and consciously do those things that I would have them do. As the old adage goes, "actions speak louder than words!"

I hope you all have a great week!

What did you get from this message?

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