Homemade Wreath

I have always liked wreaths but greatly disliked thier prices! While I was at the Dollar Tree the other day I was inspired to make my own! What do you think? I think it turned out pretty good- I am really getting into the 'less is more' approach to life.

To make your own:

One wood wreath
15 ft. strand of piney garland (I didn't use all of it- check back for what I used it for)
1 bunch of pretty poinsettas with holly berries
ribbon for hanging

I just wrapped the garland around the wood weath and hot glue the ends. I pulled my flowers off their stems and just reaaranged them until I liked it and hot glued them down too. Tied a ribbon around the top and hung it up!!

Simple, cute, cheap ($3!) and the wonderful satisfaction of doing it myself! :)

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