Flower Clip Tutorial

Okay so there are TONS of tutorials out there how to make cute little flowers for your hair. Now, I live in a pretty medium sized town and you cannot find alligator clips any where around here... I also think they are a little over priced myself. So.. thanks to a good friend who showed me a tip she uses for her baby girls hair I decided that I could use it for bigger flowers too!! So here we go!


1 or 2 silk flowers -dollar tree brand works great:)
1 brad (looked everywhere and found mine at K-mart)
1 snap clip -again dollar tree sells them in packs of 8 or 10
Camera to take cute pictures afterward :)

Take the flower off the step and apart so you have many layers.

Layer the flower however you think looks the cutest.

Take brad and poke through the little hole in the middle of the flowers.

Place prongs through the open top of snap clip and open. Slid up to top.

Clip in hair and you are done!!!

Told you it was easy!! Cheap! and CUTE!! It is also changable! Just undo brad and change the flower whenever you want!

You can also glue the layers to make them stay if you need to (mine kept trying to come together) just be careful to not clog up the whole for the brad to go through!
I haven't tried it yet but I also bet you could hot glue a nice little jewel in the middle if you want to cover the brad.-or use scrabooking brads.


  1. Fashion in a flash! thanks for sharing this great idea, and so easy.

  2. How cute and easy is that! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent! I featured your adorable flower this week!


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