30 Days of Blessings

Once again I have fallen behind!! I promise I am very grateful for all I have.. the end of semester with school and a new calling in my ward.... I am just constantly running!! :)

Friday: I was soo thankful my hubby was willing to take me to see the new Harry Potter movie!!! (which I loved!!!) I am a BIG Harry Potter fan and going to opening night was lots of fun!!!! The yummy ice cream afterward just made it a perfect evening!

Saturday: I was so thankful for my casserole that turned out in time for the ward Thanksgiving party! It was a new recipe, I was running late (seems like I am always running late these days!) and it turned out good! (At least I came home with an empty dish!)

Sunday: I was so thankful for my new calling. I am now an Activity Day leader for the 8-11 year old girls in my ward and we had a meeting to see when would be the best time to meet! I am really excited to start this new adventure and can't wait to start!!

Today: I am grateful for the tiny bit of snow we had this morning. I love snow and I am excited for when LOTS of snow is on our ground! Growing up in southern California, I used to dream of white Christmases... now I get to have them and they are everything I hoped they would be!!!

What have you been thankful for?

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