30 Days of Blessings

So yesterday I got to join the boys in being sick! YUCK I hate being sick and all day I kept thinking to myself- find things to be grateful for- thanks to doing these blog posts! Having to account for my blessings is really changing my outlook and I hope that I can continue on with this new mindset.

So yesterday I was very thankful for hot water. I got that bone cold you get when sick and was soo thankful that I could take 3 HOT BATHS! I was also thankful my two boys were good and let me take them without any fuss!

Today I am thankful for little baby voices. Ammon was here cooing his little heart out and it just melts my heart!! I love to hear his little voice tell me the sweetest stories... and I have been fortunate to hear many today! Babies are too cute and grow up too fast! I am so thankful to have this time with my little boy!

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