30 days of Blessings Day 3-5

So we made a wonderful trip to Logan, Ut and without a computer I couldn't post  but that doesn't mean I wasn't thankful for a lot!!!

Day 3: I am soo thankful for the temple and the wonderful blessings it has brought to my life!! (To learn more about LDS temples click here)
Day 4: I am soo thankful to be able to travel safetly and have fun in the car with my wonderful traveling companions.

Day 5: I am soo thankful for my two boys! They bring so much joy into my life. I have so much fun watching them become friends as brothers. It has been three months since Ammon joined our family and he adores Nathan and it is soo cute to watch him- watch Nathan. Nathan has finally decided that Ammon is pretty cool too;) Family is so wonderful!

Hope you all have a great Friday!!

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