Talk of the Week 2

This weeks talk is by Elder Jeffery R. Holland, "Because of Your Faith".
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What a beautiful reminder for the many blessings in our lives. Not only did this talk uplift me, in reminding me all the ways we can serve but it reminded me of all the ways others serve me!

"We smile sometimes about our sisters’ stories—you know, green Jell-O, quilts, and funeral potatoes... Smile, if you will, about our traditions, but somehow the too-often unheralded women in this church are always there when hands hang down and knees are feeble."

Isn't that the truth?

Sometimes I feel like the sister:
 who said, "I have never been a leader of anything in the Church. I guess I’ve only been a helper.” Elder Hollands reply was one of love and hope that we are never 'just' anything in the church.

As a parent I sometimes fell like this:
Elder Holland said, " I have struggled to find an adequate way to tell you how loved of God you are and how grateful we on this stand are for you. I am trying to be voice for the very angels of heaven in thanking you for every good thing you have ever done, for every kind word you have ever said, for every sacrifice you have ever made in extending to someone—to anyone—the beauty and blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ." The same message I want to teach my children.

When Elder Holland talks about the sacrifices he parents made so that he could keep all the money he had saved for his mission... without lettting him know! What a wonderful blessing and sacrifice of love. I hope my children will know how much I love them through my day to day actions. This message really hit home for me. That there are soo many individuals who bless my life and do I remember to thank them and let them know? I can think of times when someone helped me out and I didn't blink an eye towards them or was silent about thier partcipation. I am making it a goal to make an effort to thank those around me and let them know that I love them.

I add my determination to Elder Hollands to "be better, to be more faithful—more kind and devoted, more charitable and true as our Father in Heaven is."

What touched you?

Have a great week!


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  2. Thanks for making me cry you!!! Sometimes Im afraid that people get weirded out about me helping them all the time but now thanks to this talk, I know Heavenly Father is smiling at me when I help others and tell them how much I appreciate them. I'm really bad about sending thank you cards and I need to get better at it! Thank you for sharing this, love you!!!


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