My Favorite Author releases a new classic!!!

When I lived in Logan, Ut I found a series of books based on the scriptual accout of Nephi and thier journey through the wilderness to the promised land and then the family seperation. I have been hooked by this author ever since- Heather B. Moore. Just as I finished the Out of Jeruselam series I found out she was releasing a new book -Abinidi. I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. Then came Alma. I just couldn't stop reading when ever I opened one of these books. Then finally this month along came Alma the Younger.

Now, I also have a secret fear that when an author that I love keeps coming out with new books that maybe the new books will be a dissapointment to the previous titles. I eagerly awaited for my copy of Alma the Younger to come in the mail and was equally curious to see how this story could unfold without seeming over-the-top with the character of Alma the Younger.

When I opened the first page, it was there- the horror, panic and terror that drew me into Abinidi- the climax of an awful event starting to happen and leaving me wondering "how did it come to this?" I was hooked and couln't put it down. The characters are real. The gradual decent of Alma the Younger completely believable (haven't we all felt a little wronged by someone in religious authority before). The conversion of Alma the Younger testifies to the truth of the account from the Book of Mormon. There is a pure spirit in those pages that complelty surrounds you. I was brought be to tears and testimony strengthend that God does hear and answer our prayers!

Once again I have devoured another great novel by Heather Moore and eagerly await the arrival of Ammon. Already, my copy is out and about to those that have fallen in love with her works like I have. Let me know if you want to be on my list :)

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