Capri Sun Magazine Holder

So I was tired of finding magazines all over my bathroom, the counters, laudry basket, floor, etc. So I was inspired last night before I fell asleep. Why not make a mag rack out of the capri suns I had saved to make something? Well I am proud to say that I made one and it worked!! Here is how I did it!

First I sewed five strips of three capri suns each (see pic)

Then I sewed three strips of two capri suns each

(I made a mistake and did two with three and realized I didn't need that much so I took off the extra ones)

Then assemble the bag. Remember the capri suns bend a lot more than you think! I sewed the stips to make two flat mats. Then sewed the edges and bottom to make a bag.

Because I wanted it to be a holder I had the front be a row smaller than the back and I had them both facing the same direction so you could see the capri sun design.

Hanging finished product with magazines in it! To make it stronger, I might add button holes where you want to hang it!

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